iaganj Institute of Education & Training is an ideal seat of learning under the proper care, guide and supervision of Jiaganj Education and Welfare Society. Teacher Education program at the secondary stage will include theory, practice teaching in school and practical work in the light of context and specific objectives. These are to enable the prospective teachers to understands the nature, purpose and philosophy of secondary education, to develop among teachers and understanding of the philosophy of their people to equip them to acquire competencies relevant to stage specific pedagogy, curriculum development its transaction and evaluation, enable them to make pedagogical analysis to the subjects they will teach in school, to develop skill for guidance and counseling, to enable them to foster creative thinking for construction of knowledge, to acquaint them factor and forces affecting educational system and class room situation.

As the physical education is an integral part of education system, it aims , not only building a sound body but also it is essential to form positive attitude towards life and the world. Our society believes that curriculum development is a continuous process and demands system approach. It needs a system view to look at all components simultaneously curriculum strategies.

Keeping in view all such segments, our society is desirous to stand mainly by those ill fated, unfortunate but educated personates to being back them to light depending on the consciousness that our district Murshidabad is mainly the above of the destitute who are still dragging to step forward. Our aim is to upgrade the standard of teacher education, enhance the professional and social status of teachers and develop amongst them a sense of commitment.
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